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Washington D.C.


Southern Virginia

New Jersey

New York


Washington D.C.


11725 Dix Hills - Elwood - East Northport - Kings Park - Deer Park - Baywood - Brentwood - North Bay Shore - Veterans Memorial Hwy - Veterans Memorial Highway - Veterans Memorial Plaza - Commack 11731 - 11754 - 11787 - 11788 - 11746 - 11717

118 Veterans Memorial Hwy Commack, New York 11725

About this location

Discover the epitome of excellence in the beauty business in the heart of Commack, New York. Located in the middle of a vibrant landscape of commerce and luxury, our exceptional location features a stunning array of 67 specialty salons, meticulously designed to elevate beauty professionals to new heights of success.


Strategically positioned at the crossroads of commerce, our location enjoys an enviable neighborly embrace from esteemed businesses like LA Fitness, Ultra Beauty, Target, and Hobby Lobby, among others. This bustling synergy of foot traffic creates a symphony of opportunities for our tenants, as the steady flow of visitors translates into a steady stream of potential clients.


Here, the word ‘beauty’ is not just a concept; it’s a way of life. Our beauty-centric destination promises an unmissable opportunity for specialists to thrive in an environment where beauty knows no bounds. Each salon within our luxurious suites is a haven of creativity and expertise, where every detail is dedicated to nurturing your clients’ confidence and radiance.


For more information or to schedule a tour to visit our location, please call or text us at +1 (347) 474-5602.

Prestige Lash Studio

Lash & Brows

Jin Lin

Bold Blonde & In Between

Hair Colorist

Anajancy Matos Hasty

Joanne Costa

Bare & Blink Wax Bar

Lash & Brows, Wax Technicians

Jasmin Rivera

Alexa Posa

That Braid Babe Hair Studio

Hair Stylist

Gabriella Testano

Lisa Kurtz

Sylvana Lora

The Lab Weight Loss & Aesthetics

Nurse Practitioner

Darlene McDay

Divine Aesthetics

Body Contour, Facial Specialist, Lash & Brows, Wax Technicians

Desiree Wetzler

Victoria Tornetto

Body Contour, Facial Specialist, Lash & Brows, Wax Technicians

Sophisticated Lady

Debbie Sampson

Inga Adams & Poganik

Margherita D’Angelo

Marquis Hasty

Ashley Nostramo

Crystal Morganelli

Julianna Nitti

Andrew Cotten

Jenny Greenberg

Kya Johnson

Ernest Boyd

Tatiana Joseph

Kristin Reid

Cynthia Fana

Rachael Roberts

Marissa Lucchese


Wax Technicians

Elsie Valega

Pranjal Varma

Michele Busa

Skin Care

Nicole LoMonaco

Body Care, Skin Care

Stephanie Garreau Thelusca

Thomas Murray

Sofia Ikonomou

Jennie Mauro

Bernadette Cataldi

Lexxurious Bodies

Body Contour

Diana Pingling

Morgan Barth

Dina’s Hair Haven

Balayage, Hair Stylist

Dina Desimone

The Wave Hair Studio

Hair Stylist

Sydney Frisch